Thursday, March 31, 2011

On the road again....

Jimmy was just released from his doctor this afternoon and he will be flying back to Texas today. His plan is to get off the plane, drive to Liberty, Texas, where he fell, and ride into Beaumont, Texas. The ride will resume in Beaumont on Friday.

We are putting together a tentative schedule now and will have it out today after we see how Jimmy does from Liberty to Beaumont. He’s just not sure he can do 60 miles a day until he rides. He might have to cut back on the miles for the first few days to allow his arm to get stronger, but he should have a better idea once he rides.

We will be updating the schedule as soon as he finishes the ride today. Thanks for all the well wishes and continued support.

JB & Cory

East Bound & Down (Once again)

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