Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 24 Turbo

Today we are supposed to have someone join us for the ride somewhere close to San Antonio. Little did we know Jason "Turbo" Doyle would do a 76 mile solo trip out to where were staying in Uvalde, TX to turn around and ride back with us. Little did he know that we hadn't made it quite all of the way to the bus the night before. So we packed up and drove another 16 miles west on the 90 to start our day. Rumor is the roads get better today. We weren't shooting for a specific ending point today because we hadn't been able to make up ground at all this week. So our board just said "here to there, TX". It didn't take long to tell that we weren't at altitude anymore either because someone turned up the heat. We actually ended up making up 20 miles of our lost mileage today with the smoother roads and less wind. Notice I said less wind, not no wind but we will take it! We decided to stop about 20 miles out of San Antonio but not Turbo. He decided to finish it all the way in. He finished his day with around 160 miles in the saddle and that's why we called him Turbo. Thanks for the help.

JB & Cory
East Bound & Down

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