Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 21 Black Jack

27 miles past Marathon to the middle of nowhere.

The day started out extremely hot, 87 degrees at 10:00am. Jimmy had major muscle spasms and stomach cramps. Some times the heat is unbearable for Jimmy’s injury so he had to ride with his shirt open the entire day.

We stopped in Sanderson, TX for lunch where we had to change a tire because of road debris. Immediately after lunch Jimmy’s left leg spasmimed due to the heat which forced us to slow down 4 miles per hour.

Once again the road was rough, which seems to be standard for Texas. The 2600 feet of descending we did was off set by the head wind that we encountered the entire day.

We are holed in Comstock, TX with no internet or phone service but we were able to get our TV to work after being out of commission for the last 4 days.

Highlights of the day:

Very courteous drivers today, an airstrip in the middle of nowhere and we met a fellow cyclist, Adam, who was riding from Ashville, North Carolina to Phoenix with his final destination being Seattle, WA.

JB & Cory

Eastbound & Down

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