Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 13

Today started out a little slow because Jimmy was pretty sore from his fight with I-10. Which he lost! Once we got started we headed back to where we finished the day before and rode the 22 miles into Las Cruces. We had lunch and then headed out for our second part of the day toward the Texas border. We took back roads to try and see a little of the country side and stay off the Interstate. Little did we know what we were in for. The roads out of Las Cruces were amazing, and we had a lot of room to ride. The weather was perfect as well. About 11 miles into the ride we rode into a pecan tree farm that was beautiful.
The trees seemed to surround us from all sides and all we could see was the road in front of us. This was a much need change from the cars and trucks on I-10. We also passed three other guys doing the cross country trek in the other direction. Today was also a much needed mellow pace day. Big E came along for the ride with us today too. He's always good for a laugh and a smile. Thanks bro. We made it to the border of Texas, but I'm not so sure we weren't in Mexico for part of the day. We actually stopped in a gas station to ask how far the Texas border was and the old guy asked me if I wanted to know from Mexico or New Mexico. At that point we were only two miles from the sign. So we headed out and got our picture in front of it. Although we did have to finish the day once again on I-10. We are taking a much needed rest for the next two days so Jimmy can heal up. Have a good weekend and get ready for more adventures next week. I've got a feeling it will have cowboy boots and country music in part of it.

Jb & Cory
East Bound & Down

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  1. Cory, JB and company - Cory, I doubt you'll remember me, but I was a year ahead of you at South Broward. Anyway, I think your ride, cause and passion are tremendous. Since we are a family of cyclists (husband and daughter included), it makes the cause even more special and important.

    Keep it up. Safe travels.

    Jen Gross (now, Lara)