Saturday, March 5, 2011

Day 12

As we left from Lordsberg, NM, Day 12 started out with the potential to be the best day so far. Early in the day we decided that with the weather conditions this would be the best opportunity to try a century (100 miles). Once again the wind was in our favor and we had very good road conditions, at least the first 70 miles. We reached our lunch destination of Deming, NM at the 60 mile mark in just under 3 hours and still felt really good. We headed out on the second leg of the ride to find that our good road conditions had deteriorated and we now had a cross wind. We were still determined to make the century but little did we know the cross wind would take Jimmy out. The wind blew Jimmy to the right and into the gravel where he lost control and went over thehandle bars. Jimmy felt like he had been run over by a truck, initially he was very scared that he had re-injured his spinal cord because he hit his head pretty hard. Thank goodness Bell makes a great product that helped cushion the blow to his head. After a few minutes of cleaning his wounds on the side of the road, Jimmy decided to solider on and keep trying to finish the century. We got back on the bikes at mile 88 of the century and made it to mile 93 where Jimmy decided that his pain level was to high to continue on. There will be other opportunities to do a century on this trip!

JB & Cory
East bound & Down

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