Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 9-11 Tuscon, AZ to Lordsberg, NM

Monday was an active recovery day, we did a light 26 miles and happened to ride by a military airplane holding facility with 100's of fighter planes, bombers and transport carriers. This was a unexpected treat and one of the coolest things either of us have ever seen. This was the first day of the trip that it was just the two of us out on the road.

Tuesday we left Tuscon and headed east towards Willcox. We had a lot of climbing that day and the scenery changed a bit with some nice rock formations on both sides of the interstate. The 2 major highlights of the day were riding through Tombstone, AZ and stopping to see THE THING. We still aren't sure what we saw.....

Wednesday was the hottest day of the trip so far, topping out at a sizzling 89 degrees. Some of locals told us these were record highs for this time of the year. The wind was at our backs most of the day which assisted in keeping an average pace of over 20 miles per hour. We reached the New Mexico boarder approximately 34 miles into our ride where we met Dan, a Canadian who was on his own personal quest of riding his motorcycle coast to coast for his 50 birthday after a life changing motorcycle accident. We hope this is the first of many great people we meet along the way.

Just a couple of days in The Land of the Enchantment and then onto the great state of Texas.

JB & Cory
East Bound & Down


  1. Just wanted to wish Jimmy and everybody who joins him a safe ride.
    Thanks for the effort and hope you achieve your goal.

  2. Thanks for putting the blog together. Great way to follow you. Hope you have a safe ride, wish I was far enough South to join you!