Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 53-54 Time Catching Up...

Day 53,
Today we woke up to Jimmy not feeling well. So it took us a little longer than usual to get started. We finally got on the road around around 1pm. We had to start out slow
because Jimmy's stomach was upset which led to a lot of other issues with his body. We ended up stopping at a store in the middle on nowhere to get him some ginger ale to try and settle his stomach. After a 15 min break we got back on the road and JB slowly started to feel better. The good thing is it isn't as hot as it was the past few days. We got into Tallahassee around 5pm just in time for traffic. We are staying in the awesome Wal-Mart motor home park tonight. Let's hope Jimmy feels better tomorrow.

Day 54,
Today once again JB isn't feeling 100%. His back is pretty tight which threw his entire body into spasm. I worked on him for about an hour and he also took a warm shower to calm himself down. We finally got on the road about 1pm once again. We started out slow again today. The road out of Tallahassee is pretty hilly. Which is hurting his left hamstring. The good thing is the road is pretty smooth and it is a lot cooler today than yesterday. I saw a few snakes on the side of the road today and Jimmy didn't see any of them. Big E stopped us today to give us Jimmy's elbow pad because we grabbed the wrong one before we left. Jimmy was feeling tight and need to get started pretty quick but I had to do a nature break since the bus was there. It took about 5 minutes and JB was out of sight. Big E suggested that I draft behind the bus to catch back up. I said ok and I'm glad I did. It was a lot of fun because I was riding at 42 mph with little effort. Big E could see me on the camera as I motioned him to go faster. When we finally caught back up to Jimmy I. was peddling at 53.3 mph. That's pretty fast on a flat road. We were almost half way done around this time. We stopped for a quick break and got back on the road. After lunch Jimmy was finally feeling a bit better. So we picked up the pace on our way to Perry. We are excited to stay in a KOA tonight. We will have hook ups and maybe be able to do laundry. We ended up doing 60 miles today. Which is about 10 miles past the RV Park. Billy Wood and Red Dog are already there waiting on us to show up. They will be riding the last few days with us.

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