Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 48

Grandbay, AL to Roberstville, AL

Today I was excited because we had a few new people join us on the ride. Actually they were some of my good friends from Charlotte, NC, Jared, Betsy, Billy, and Paul (Cory writing). Greg was also on the ride with us again today as well. The ride started about four miles past the Alabama state line at a gas station, which was the first debate of the day because Kristi said it was a Chevron Station and I thought it was a Shell Station. JB pulled into a Chevron Station that was the wrong one and Greg and I both said we weren't at the right spot. It was good for a laugh before we even got started. The first half of the day was easy going, the roads were pretty good and the wind wasn't a factor. It was a good time talking to the guys about home. We stopped at a park in downtown Mobile where Betsy was waiting for us. We enjoyed lunch across from the Marti Gras Museum. After lunch we had to pack up the bikes and drive through the tunnel. On the other side we got to ride across a causeway which had water on both sides of us. This specific causeway usually has lots of alligators in it but with the water being rough unfortunately we didn't see any. After the causeway the 90 headed inland and to our surprise there were a significant amount of steep hills. This ended up being pretty hard on some of the group. Aside from the heat and hill, the group did awesome! Thanks to all the guys for coming out to ride with us!!

JB & Cory
East Bound & Down

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