Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One State Down, 7 to go!

I've been riding with Jimmy and Cory since day one on Sunday and it's been amazing trip so far. We've climbed massive hills, rocketed down canyons, pedaled through snow and cruised on the side of little roads like the I10.
Jimmy has been absolutely amazing to say the least, and the crew involved in this ride is as well. I've watched Jimmy battle physical and emotional demons just to get through the first few days, and it's been inspirational to say the least. Most people will never know everything Jimmy has to do just to be able to ride every day, but just imagine having your worst day when you wake up, then riding a bike 80 miles. Welcome to many of Jimmy's mornings. It's a good thing he has Cory by his side to keep his body in the best shape possible.

Today was day 4 of the ride, and we crossed the border into Arizona 17 miles before the end of today's ride. It was a huge boost to say the least, and a sense of accomplishent for all of us. My part of the ride ends (for now) in my home town of Phoenix, but Jimmy and the crew will soldier on to Daytona. They have a long ride ahead, but we started singing 20 million bottles of beer on the wall, so we'll see if they can finish the song before Daytona. We're somewhere around 19,872,000 right now:-)
Pray for Jimmy and support this ride any way you can, you will be better for it!
-Ari Pace

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